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We travel to Thailand to find the most beautiful and unique orchid varieties!


Beautiful orchids are the perfect floral arrangements for homes, offices, hotels and restaurants because of their colorful, long-lasting flowers.
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White Phalaenopsis Orchids
With curly willow and moss in a rustic container
As Pictured $250
Purple and White Dendrobium Orchids
With Ivy and Curly Willow in Beige Ceramic Cache pot
As Pictured $100
Purple Dendrobium Orchids
A splash of color with tall green canes.
As Pictured $150
Lavender Phalaenopsis Orchids
In Bamboo Basket- Single spike with basket
As Pictured $125
Lavender Phalaenopsis Orchids
An exquisite gift with buds and blooms that last for weeks!
As Pictured $300
Purple Vanda Orchids
As Pictured $225


A fabulous orchid arrangement delivered monthly to express your feelings.

12 Month, one a month $1,800
6 Month, one a month $900
3 Month, one a month $450


Filtered indirect light is best. Avoid direct sunlight and strong drafts.
Keep moist and water when planting medium becomes almost dry. Water weekly and drain excess water to prevent root rot and protect furniture. Use tepid water and mist leaves.

Keep temperature from 60-85°F (15-29°C). Higher humidity is preferred.

Fertilize with a water-soluble orchid formula every other week. No fertilizer is required while flowering.


Limited to South Florida, Miami-Dade. Please e-mail or call 305.510-5506 for details. Next day delivery standard service.  Same day orders additional charge.  Minimum order $150.00.

Thank you for visiting, for additional information or special requests send us an e-mail or call 305.510-5506.
48 hours notice for gift orders.
Residential and commercial orchid rotation service 72 hours notice.
Business Hours 10-6pm Monday-Friday and Saturday by appointment only
Visa / MasterCard and American Express accepted
Gift certificates available
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